Planned Maintenance

Due to upgrades, the PC running the SkyScape Cam and the Lightning detector will be off-line from 20:00H 18th December, 2007 to 05:00H 20th December, 2007.

The final time-lapse movie from the 18th will be generated and uploaded. There will be no time-lapse movies or images during the 19th. We hope to have everything working for the first hourly time-lapse on the 20th.

Work will be undertaken to completely re-installed the PC onto a 500GB Raid 1 Array.

We will also experiment with changing the lens in the SkyScape Cam to a 6mm 65° angle of view lens from the current 3.6mm 82° angle of view.

During this time, the weather station, running on a seperate PC,  will continue running with the data available on the site as normal.


// MWS

Monkspath Weather Station (MWS) is run as an amateur weather station and therefore should not be used as official data.
Whilst every effort is made to keep the data as accurate as possible no guarantee is given that the data meets the requirements of the Meteorological Offices' 'A' Stations.
The weather station data is produced by MWS and MWS claims copyright over all data produced and disseminated by it.
Members of MWS may use the data produced by MWS for non-commercial use and no other purpose.
If MWS data is used according to these licence terms then the data must be acknowledged as belonging to MWS and reproduced with its permission.
The weather station data produced by MWS must not be used for decision making of any kind.
The weather station is privately owned and the owners do not make any claims as to the accuracy of the information collected by the equipment.